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Mei Usui (born in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese playwright/director/designer based in Tokyo. She holds a master's degree in Japanese Literature(Keio University). She has studied in New York from 2002-2004 as the recipient of the grant suponsord by the Japanese government.

Upon returing to Tokyo in 2006, she founded Rising Tiptoe. The theatre company name comes from a play written by the legendary Japanese avant garde playwright Juro Kara who is her mentor. Mei has written a thesis on his early play "John Silver".

Mei's plays have been produced at Suzunari Theatre, Za Koenji, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Mitsukoshi Theatre,among others. Her award winning play "THE BITCH"(Uno Jukichi award runner up) premiered at the Suzunari Theatre in 2012 and made it's way to Mitsukoshi Theatre in 2016.

Plays include:

"Soprano"(Keio University N-shi award runner up) ,"Good Night Jack" (Keio University N-shi award runner up), "Dear Angie", "Maria,Maria","Her", "The Hanging of Lucia", "Children Soup", "Gossip","The Clock is Alive", "Doctor D", "Lesson", "THE BITCH"(Uno Jukichi award runner up),"BINGO", and others

Mei is also a multi award winning poet, served nationally and internationally as the nation's Japan Cherry Blossom Queen, and holds three other beauty pageant titles.


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